Sexual Assault Green Bay WI

Charges were reinstituted against a man accused of have sex with (raping) an unconscious woman (who was intoxicated – - a 2nd charge). The reason the charges were “reinstituted” was because another woman stepped forward and accused the perpetrator of a drug facilitated attack (drugging of a person, so as to render that person incapable of fending off an attack). The District Attorney now had 2 victims reporting against the same attacker, permitting charges to be filed and which will, hopefully, result in a conviction.


This particular attack falls into a couple of possible realms. Unanswered questions make it difficult to formulate a perfect response. Were these victims people who knew their attacker? We can potentially assume “yes” since more than 80% of all sexual assaults occur where the victim DOES know her attacker. If this was the case, we then jump into, scenarios where women should not assume a man is a good guy on the first few dates. In Preventing Sexual Assault: 171 Ways Women Can Prevent Sexual Assault, I spell out that, while someone may appear nice, we really have no idea about people until we’ve been out at least 4 or 5 times. So in these early getting-to-know-you stages, limiting the dates to well-trafficked public locations is always best.

We also know that in at least 1 of the attacks, the perpetrator had sex with (raped) a woman who had apparently passed out from drinking too much alcohol. This brings us to a 2nd response – - that dealing with alcohol. In approximately 75% of all rapes, the man has been drinking or drugging, and approximately 65% of the women have been drinking or drugging. One of the strange things about alcohol is it seems to wind men UP and wind women DOWN, so even if a woman does not pass out, her defenses will still fall and her ability to recognize warning signs will be severely diminished.

As easy and innocent as it may seem to down a few drinks while on a date, to deal with nervousness or to just enjoy the drink, it is extremely important that women remain alert in the early stages of any relationship. I am not saying no men can be trusted, but the problem is that distinguishing trustworthy from not can be very difficult.

Take the first few dates slowly. Stay in public venues and keep liquor intake to a minimum AND WATCH YOUR DRINK. If you feel any kind of wooziness coming on from drinking only ½ of a drink, get to a bouncer, cop or someone in charge and tell them you think you’ve been drugged. These people have a responsibility to ensure your safety once you’ve brought this issue to their attention.

Also, please keep in mind: These posts are Monday morning quarterbacking. It’s easy to sit in a chair and say what someone “should have done.” Also, the exact facts of the attack are not always clear, leaving a potential for error. Information becomes the key. For Example: If someone knows that it will take 12 seconds to get into an elevator and for the doors to close, then running into an elevator for refuge may get dismissed and the potential victim will seek a 2nd or 3rd avenue of escape or thwarting an attack. Read more at Please tell your friends about us on Twitter and on Facebook. Together we can make a difference. Thank you.

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  1. EndingRape says:

    thanks for the kind words – - and please feel free to pass on the website – - will bring you to the same site. best.

  2. I have not checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I?¦ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend :)

    • EndingRape says:

      My Twitter fairy (who IS a rape and cancer survivor) finally said, “Richard, go ahead and take off the gloves.” She would see me get mad about these issues, but wouldn’t let me write anything because she was afraid I might alienate people. Fence straddlers only get one thing – - a sore butt.

      Thanks for your support. Spread the word. Hava great day.

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