BACKGROUND: In a nutshell – - some dirtbag put up a YouTube video bragging about his sexual assault of a young woman attending Denison University in Granville OH. The man was interviewed by University security but refused to be interviewed by police. The woman did NOT want the police involved and therefore did not cooperate with the investigation. It appears the matter will be closed.

This is a really difficult issue. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – - I’ve never given birth and therefore I have ZERO idea what a woman experiences, but it really looks like it hurts. I will never experience the pain and fallout of a sexual assault, but it really looks like it hurts.

I completely understand that many women just “want it to be over with.” And so they don’t want any more discussions, prosecutions, or any other actions that will remind them of the assault. 42% of all rape victims never tell a single person about the incident, let alone report it to the police. These women will withdraw into their own worlds. Students drop out of school and life. They cover up and carry their shame of the incident. Depression, suicidal thoughts and even suicide attempts are not unusual.

The problem is threefold:
1) This guy not only committed the assault, but then goes into a public forum to brag about his actions. I don’t know how you feel about this, but it totally pisses me off. And I want him off the streets so that he does not commit repeat acts with other female students.
2) The guy goes onto a public forum, brags about the assault, and nothing happens. Picture a bank robber or kidnapper going on YouTube and bragging about his latest crime and having nothing happen. The “message” that gets sent out is, “Do what you want because odds are, nothing’s going to happen to you anyway.”
3) Women in these situations just want the whole thing to disappear. The problem is, that while the incident does disappear from the public eye, it still exists in both the conscious and subconscious of the victims. Sometimes a big part of the healing process is seeing justice. And I don’t mean like revenge, I just mean justice. Even if this guy was not convicted, but his family spent 75,000 $ in legal fees, he was arrested, booked, and had to be bailed from jail, sometimes the process can actually be the punishment. So even if there was no conviction, there would be a process that at least partially punished this guy for his crimes.

1) I would ask the woman to cooperate – - no matter how painful. Get this guy off the streets or at least get him to understand the nature of his crime.
2) With or without the woman’s cooperation, the authorities (District Attorney) have what amounts to an entirely voluntary confession to the commission of a crime. Prosecute Him! Part of the problem with rape and sexual assault in America is the authorities make conscious decisions, “Oh, if it doesn’t matter to the victim, then it doesn’t matter” – - BUT IT DOES!
3) AT THE VERY LEAST, Denison University has enough information to expel the student. Kick him out – - a) it sends a message to other male students and b) it prevents this guy from hurting other young women under the University’s care.


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  1. Ok, One problem with this.
    If I went on Youtube today, And said, I raped a 12 year old girl.
    (didn’t but example)
    Then the girl refused to comment to police or anyone else, As stated in the article. They have no proof of the crime, They COULD… get a DNA sample from the girl….. IF she was willing to cooperate. If not, They have no tangible evidence to go on, and cannot convict me of the crime. All they have is PROBABLE cause. And with that, they can detane me for all of 24 hours. After that they HAVE to let me go if no conclusive proof is provided. So without the girls cooperation, there is nothing they can do. You can say anything on the internet, And doesnt mean its true. so if they cant prove it… they cant do anything about it….. I hate that this is the way the world works… but without proof of the crime, and all they got is HIS statement…. That’s not proof enough. Thats like you saying you robbed the bank of montreal… but if there is no proof of it.. would you want to be convicted… of a crime you MIGHT have been joking about??

  2. athal says:

    as you say you want the victim to stand up and report or admit they have been assault.(that might the guy punished) but what happens to the girl. she is been broadcasted in the tv,news…..(the tv and journalists use the girl for their rating by publishing her you tube vedio again and again) and now what was only a statement by the man becomes a publicity for him and a even greater humiliation for the girl(victim).
    the world might say i want the accused punish but what happens to the victims personal life. who is going to gaurentee the girls personal life is not doing to be disturbed.

    if there is a rule that if the accused is castrated,having his balls chopped off in public where as the victim identity kept in secrecy the other persons who even think of assaulting a girl will have a fear.

    sorry if i am being rude.

    • EndingRape says:

      You are NOT being rude – - you are being correct and honest!

      We have created a system that so favors the guilty that the innocents are the ones who are put on trial. Even in my book, I talk about the HUGE decision women have to make in both reporting and following a prosecution through – - I realize, based on victims I’ve spoken with, that this is a very difficult decision and is not made lightly. It’s easy for me to sit in my nice comfortable chair and say, “Oh they should prosecute” VERY EASY. But to the victim of rape and sexual assault, I totally get that they are forced to relive the event and also to justify or prove that not only did the attack actually take place, but that they were unwilling participants.

      The problem is, when victims decide to NOT move forward with prosecutions, not only do the perpetrators go unpunished, but they also get the opportunity to repeat these offenses against new victims with impunity, since they “know” that they will most likely NOT be caught, arrested, prosecuted or convicted – - which serves to continue this vicious cycle. So then, prosecution becomes about serving the greater good.

      Thank you for writing.

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