THE WAR ON WOMEN aka SB5 and the Tx Gov

If you’re looking for the solution I promised on Twitter, please scroll down to SOLUTION.
If you enjoy reading the mindless ramblings of someone NOT IMPACTED BY THIS ISSUE AT ALL – - feel free to start at the beginning.

There’s a thing going on in Texas right now. It started last Friday, worked its way into a frenzy over the weekend, culminating in a 12 hour, WAY TO GO @WendyDavisTexas, filibuster, and summarily killing the proposed legislation, only to have the Gov – - decide to spend gazillions of more of the taxpayers hard-earned dollars on ANOTHER special session to wear down opponents.

You see, the Texas legislature is attempting, through SB5, to close 88% of the abortion clinics while also making it illegal for ANY abortion to take place for ANY reason after week 20- – including pregnancies having occurred through rape, incest, or other sexual assaults.

Now I know aLOT of women do NOT support abortion. And this post is primarily geared towards you.

Here’s what you need to worry about.
Forget about your daughters who may become pregnant. (btw: this seems to be the fastest way to get someone to change position.)
Forget about the fact that a woman has to relive the rape or incest for the remainder of her life in addition to now going to term with the perpetrator’s baby.
Forget about the fact that men who don’t have to deal with ANY of these issues are deciding what’s in women’s best interests.

Let’s look at the most important issue EVERY WOMAN should be paying attention to. The government, Texas, and many other locals, is doing it’s best to wipe your rights from the planet.

You need to take a very hard look at the fact that some issue as stupid as this would be taking so much time and consideration, when virtually every state in the union still has NOT climbed out of this UNBELIEVABLE economic mess – - created by – - you guessed it – - more men.

Ya. We don’t need to be concerned with getting out of this devastating recession. Instead, what we’re going to do is stop someone from having a 500$ abortion, then pay (through welfare) a quarter of a million $ for the state to raise someone’s kid. Ya – - that makes sense.

I’m notta man-basher. I’ma guy.
But one thing I’m crystal clear on – - for whatever reason, America has decided to WAGE WAR ON WOMEN.

2 TRILLION $ wasted on Iraq and Afghanistan. What do we have to show for it?
3000 dead American soldiers.
30,000 wounded American soldiers.
Over a 250,000 dead civilians in the 2 countries we invaded.
Would a woman have done this? Notta chance. At least not one who had any children. No mother would be okay with another mother having her kids come home in a coffin. EVER!

7 TRILLION $ blown through a shattered economy. Who was at the wheel? Forget about politics – - it was men buying and selling Americans like we were oranges.
Would moms have deliberately set into motion a series of events that would bankrupt millions of American families? NEVER!

And now you have the Gov of Texas and his legislative cohorts trying to tell every woman in Texas how her body is going to be treated.

Be very clear women who are against abortion – - this is a very simple “divide and conquer” ploy.
It has NOTHING to do with Right To Life and everything to do to push women back into the place you occupied 200 years ago – - barefoot and pregnant and in the home.
If this is what you want – - I’m totally kool with that. But I don’t think the majority of women are of this mindset. I think the majority of women want to be treated with the SAME RIGHTS and the SAME RESPECT that all men demand.

I believe that you want this country and this world to be a BETTER PLACE for you and your families.

Wiping your rights off the map – - absolutely not gonna get you what you want.

Pay attention. This is how it started in Germany back in the mid 30s. Back then it was a guy named Hitler versus the Jews. Now it’s men versus women. Don’t believe me – - look around.
Somewhere in America a woman is raped approximately every 40 seconds and approximately 2 more are sexually assaulted.
The Department of Justice states that approximately 50% of ALL WOMEN will be raped, sexually assaulted or physically abused at some point during their lifetimes. Some statistics go as high as 84%!!
1 in 4 to 1 in 5 college women will be raped or sexually assaulted during her tenure as a student. Since when did rape and sexual assault become rights of passage for young women?


This is not about rape, sexual assault and physical abuse. It’s about a climate of repressing women.

Look around – - WalMart – - multi BILLION $ lawsuit filed because women were being paid LESS than their male counterparts doing EXACTLY the same jobs.

Women filling our prisons for drug crimes – - primarily brought about through the repercussions of incest and other sex crimes having been committed against them when they were helpless children.

Women in the military being told “You shouldn’t have joined. Your presence here is causing men to go out of control and rape you.” Seriously??! Do we (men) have so little control that they need to be PROTECTED FROM THE MERE PRESENCE OF A WOMAN???? SERIOUSLY??

It’s happening. And whether you support or stand against abortion – - be VERY CLEAR – - you are AT WAR. And you better start to unite or the men win. And I’ve already seen way Way WAY too much proof that if men continue to “win” America will LOSE.

THE SOLUTION: On Monday July 01 – - the day the Gov of Texas is trying to re-establish a new hearing for this legislation – - EVERY WOMAN IN THE STATE STAYS HOME. You don’t go shopping. You don’t go to work. You don’t take your kids to school. You don’t do anything other than channel surf or chat with your friends on the phone or on line.

You let these people know you’re not screwing around and it’s not okay to be pushed into a 1730s version of women in America.


Enough Rape
Enough Abuse
Enough unfair treatment


p.s. Guv Perry’s special line. 512 463 2000 Feel free to give him a buzz and let him know what you think. Tell him no more wasted time and $ on SB5 or any similar bills.

Here’s the general number for the state capital. Feel free to call it if the other number is busy. 512 463 0063

Go to web address
Pull down the phone numbers and just start calling each State Senator and let him/her know your feelings.

Make a few phone calls. Let them know that none of you will be anywhere other than your homes on Monday July 01, 2013. Let them see what it means when women decide AS ONE, that they are no longer willing to be victims of a war on women.

Way to go @wendyDavisTexas YOU’RE THE GREATEST.

Wendy Davis for President. I’d vote!

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