What is S.A.F.E. CERTIFIED™ and does your school have it.

S.A.F.E. CERTIFIED™ refers to what Colleges and Universities are doing to keep their female students safe. Colleges claim they do everything they can to keep the campus safe. The problem is that predator, also known as unknown assailant, attacks are EXTREMELY rare in the college environment. What is not rare are rapes and sexual assaults committed by known assailants.

The United States Department of Justice reports that as many as 95% of all attacks taking place in the college environment are known-assailant assaults.

The DOJ knows it.
The perpetrators know it.
And the colleges and universities know it.

Who doesn't know it?
Young women and their parents.

Everyone acts like "We're all doing the best we can."
But we're not. If we were doing the best we could, the incidents of known- assailant attacks would be diminishing, not increasing.

Included in Richard Hart's S.A.F.E. CERTIFIED™ program is the orientation of incoming freshmen males. Richard Hart has developed a unique campaign called What If She Were Your…

In this process, a young man will be taught different scenarios during which he will ask himself, "What if she were my sister?" "What if she were my mother?" "What if she were my girlfriend?"

Example: You enter a room in a frat and find a girl passed out. Instead of  taking advantage of the situation, you ask yourself, "What if she were my sister?" "What if she were my mother?" And you act accordingly.

Please know What If She Were Your…™ and What If She Were My…™ are trademarked teaching tools. They were developed to work towards bringing about a shift in the culture. There IS a way to lower the incidents of rape and sexual assault in the college environment.
But it requires more than using some kool saying.
It requires more than just placating a group of whiners.
It requires more than requiring a group of 17- and 18-year-old young men to sit through some "boring" orientation about respecting women as they do themselves.

It requires communicating in a manner that these young men GET IT.

The S.A.F.E. CERTIFIED™ program is more than just having young men ask themselves what they would do if a drunk girl were their sister. It gets into orientation programs for both incoming young men and women.
It involves a new system of reporting and enforcement.
It involves a new caring for ONE HALF of the student body. And the costs associated with the implementations are beyond minimal - - usually amounting to nothing more than providing specific information to incoming students and shuffling a few existing bodies around to handle specific situations in a certain manner.

20 to 25% of all young women will be Raped or Sexually Assaulted during their tenures as students, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Rape and sexual assault canNOT be rights of passage for our daughters.

Schools can absolutely do something to change this.

And really - - let's just say school administrations really don't care what happens to some 19-year-old girl attending their institution. Just one young woman dropping out due to a rape or sexual assault costs a school far more money than merely instituting a few changes as they pertain to how orientations and reporting systems are managed.

VERY IMPORTANT: It's only a matter of time until lawyers are going to start holding colleges and universities responsible for failing to disclose these statistics and for failing to provide information that can help young women thwart attacks and for failing to provide an environment that supports the reporting of rape and sexual assaults to both the institution and the police.

S.A.F.E. CERTIFIED™ is the only way parents and their daughters can ensure that schools are doing everything in their power to put an end to rape and sexual assault in the campus environment.