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Whitney discusses value of Richard Hart's Keep Your Daughter Safe presentation.


Tanya BrownTanya Brown, sister of Nicole Brown-Simpson and co-founder of the Nicole Brown Foundation

“This book is a must read for every woman in America.”



Melani says Richard Hart's book Keep Your Daughter Safe describes how women can deal with situations that may result in rape or sexual assault.


Bill CooperBill Cooper, former Chief of Police, Bainbridge Island, Washington

“Richard Hart has created an excellent book that is surely a must-read for all women. After nearly 30 years in law enforcement, having investigated many sex crimes, we often struggled with what to tell women in order to avoid rape and other negative sexual encounters. Now there is a guide with real information, spelled out in a direct and usable fashion, that gives you the tools to protect yourself in most circumstances. This is good advice - read the book and follow the ideas.”


Jetta discusses why she is appreciative of the fact that Richard Hart penned Keep Your Daughter Safe.


Marlene ColemanMarlene Coleman M.D. Author Safe and Sound: Healthy Travel with Children

“All women of any age should have this book! In treating college students for over twenty years, I have never seen such a thorough, yet easy to read book.”


College student BeckieAnn discusses why she feels Richard Hart's award winning book, Keep Your College Daughter Safe, is a must read for college women.


Maya RasakMaya Rasak, M.F.T. Psychotherapist, California 

"Dear Richard, I have been counseling victims of rape for 9 years and I know that your book is going to reduce the incidence of rape in America. Keep up the good work."


Maria, mother of a daughter, states Richard's award-winning book, Keep Your Daughter Safe has both valuable and DIFFERENT information.


A mother from California commenting on the rape of her college daughter and friend

“Dear Richard. Thank you for writing this book. Six months ago my daughter and her girlfriend were at a bar at [college name deleted]. The next morning she called me crying. She and her girlfriend woke up naked in a bed they did not know, in an apartment they did not know. They had been drugged and raped. Your book describes the exact situation that took place. If there is anything I can do to help promote your book, please do not hesitate to contact me. Joanne”


Kate discusses why she feels Richard Hart's book Keep Your Daughter Safe is a must read for every woman.


Nick R., Sheriff Reserve

“Richard. I had the chance to view the video of one of your live presentations and I must say, you've hit the nail on the head. I have been with [a large metropolitan] Sheriff's Office for 20 years and have never seen such a detailed, yet easy to understand presentation. Keep up the good work.”


College Student, Northern California 

“Richard, I received your book yesterday. Three days ago a girlfriend of mine here at school was drugged and raped. I am writing to tell you that your chapter on GHB could have prevented this from happening. Thank you for trying to make a difference with college students.”


Another College Student
“Richard, you are the greatest. I listened to you speak last month and last night I had the opportunity to see my date going from bad to worse before my very eyes. Before hearing you speak, I would have just thought, Oh I can handle this myself. Instead I was able to leave the date before it got out of control. I know you made a difference in my life last night. Thank you. Marisa”